Ruvheneko Trust* is a small, Christian Community-Based Organization (CBO) located in the rural district of Sanyati, Zimbabwe. The heart of this organization is to address both physical and spiritual needs of this community, and to do so in a way that is sustainable and empowering.

Started in 2009 by a Capernwray alum, Belinda Nyabako, Ruvheneko Trust was birthed from her conviction to use the training she received at Bible school to bless the people in her home country. Ruvheneko, meaning “light” in Shona, represents Belinda’s desire to bring the light and freedom of Christ to her fellow Zimbabweans.

While still an infant organization, Ruvheneko Trust has big dreams. The long-term goal is to build a community center in the village, which will operate as a hub for meeting various needs, such as Bible classes, resource support for farmers, holiday camps for children, and much more. In the meantime, the Trust is involved in numerous programs for both children and adults:

  • School Support: the Trust has identified two local primary schools to assist with remedial reading classes, sponsor underprivileged students, and develop school links with primary schools in the UK and the US.
  • Sports Outreach: the Trust spends May through September overseeing the Ruvheneko Football and Netball league and building relationships with the teams through evangelism.
  • Project Support: the Trust organizes and assists with community projects, such as fixing a local well and  facilitating a tomato greenhouse.

The heart of Ruvheneko Trust is to holistically serve the community of Sanyati, addressing both physical and spiritual needs. Please pray for us, as we share the truth of Christ and serve our community, and consider supporting us financially.

*Ruvheneko Trust is currently undergoing some major leadership transitions. Please see the August 2014 Newsletter for the updated information.