Our project support program was birthed from the reality of income needs of this community.  The goal of this program is to run various income-generating projects as an organization while also encouraging and assisting local community members to do the same.  We have recently completed a beautiful greenhouse that has enabled us to grow and sell tomatoes to the community. As our netball and football clubs develop their own projects, we anticipate working with a variety of groups and individuals in project support. Additionally, we are developing a program to assist villages with repairing their boreholes. One of the key goals of project support is to avoid handouts and instead promote creative partnership.

Long-term Goal
Consistently offer assistance to the individuals starting small income-generating projects by providing training, advice, resources, and accountability; partner with other major projects that communities cannot accomplish alone (such a borehole repair); and run successful income-generating projects for the Trust to provide financial stability.

Short-term Goals
1) Assist winning football and netball clubs with developing their projects.
2) Start a new season of vegetables in the greenhouse.
3) Plant one plot of potatoes.
4) Assist Goto Village with repairing their borehole.