The garden has struggled lately, but we have been fighting hard to keep it alive. Our fabulous project manager, Sydney, works from sunrise to sunset, and we are confident that those vines will produce fruit very soon! We currently have 700 crops of onions and 800 tomatoes, and hope to be soon including carrots and butternuts. The profits from the garden are used for petty cash and administrative needs. With God’s grace, we will again be seeing a flow of cash from the garden to our office.

Sydney Nyabako in the greenhouse

Ruvheneko Trust strives to be self-sustaining and assist as many people as possible through agricultural projects. Currently the Trust is building a greenhouse in Sanyati for tomatoes that can eventually be grown hydroponically. This greenhouse will use a generator-run pump and shed cloth to enable year-round growth and more marketable tomatoes.

Progress on the greenhouse as of September 2010:

Long-term agricultural goals include employing workers to assist in the growth and selling of the tomatoes and possibly purchasing land to incorporate other income-generating agricultural projects.

Past projects:

In September 2010 Belinda purchased 200 baby chickens as the first of hopefully several agricultural projects to raise income for the Trust and involve other people in the work. Here are some pictures of the chicks: