Football League

We are very excited to begin our second year of the RT Football and Netball League! Our season will begin on May 24, and end on July 28th; netball on Thursday afternoons, and football on Sundays. We have six netball teams participating and six football teams. This year we’ve scaled back on the prizes, and will be giving out simple athletic equipment to the winning teams, rather than cash prizes for local projects. We hope to spend more energy running workshops and trainings for small income-generating projects, as we continue to work on sustainable community development.


The league is one of our major programs, and our main way to connect with adults in the community. These games give us the opportunity to meet people from all over the area and to discuss other ways we can support our neighbors. Most important, these games give us a chance to present some Biblical teaching, and to encourage our teams to know God more deeply. Our theme this year is “The Good Shepherd,” focusing on the attributes of God and Psalm 23. We hope to have local pastors assist us with the gospel presentations.