2012 Goals

1) Get sponsors
2) Improve and maintain accounting standards

Schools Work:
1) Run 3 holiday camps during the year, that is in April, August and December
2) Maintain a consistent check-up program for all our sponsored students
3) Consistently pay school fees for our 57 sponsored students

Sports Ministry:
1) Establish football and netball teams with a passion to empower themselves
2) Run a football and netball camp in August involving league teams
3) Improve league structure and function
4) Create a curriculum that is applicable to the teams and community as a whole

Project Creation and Support:
a) Plan a workable planting calendar for the greenhouse and garden
– Tomatoes – one crop in the Greenhouse (Jan – Jun)
– Potatoes – one crop outside in the fields (Jun – Dec)
– New crop: Onions, Beans/Peas in the Green house (Jul – Dec)
b) Work with Goto Community to refurbish their borehole
c) Initiate project training for league teams with assessments of all training done

Community Center:
1) Open a savings account and start saving towards land for the Community Center. Target goal for savings account for the year: $2000 USD


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