Partnering with the local schools is one of the main ways RT addresses the needs of the community. By working with the schools, we are able to assist both the educators and the students to keep kids healthy and attending school. Currently, we work with three local schools: Chiguvare Primary School, Sanyati Baptist Primary School, and Lozane Primary School.

We support these schools in four ways: 1) infrastructure development—we are always looking for ways to provide physical resources to the schools, 2) school linking—we match a local classroom with another English-speaking class of similar ages to foster global awareness and friendship, 3) remedial reading—when possible we assist the school by providing remedial reading classes, and 4) student sponsorship—we provide schools fees for as many of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in our area as possible.

Long-term Goal
Partner with primary schools in making sure that children are able to attend school and receive the education they deserve.

Short-term Goals
1) Establish a reliable sponsor for each student in our program (currently 57).
2) Plan a camp to run during school holidays (April, August, December), rotating schools.
3) Establish a school link in the US or UK for Sanyati Baptist Primary School and Lozane
Primary School.
4) Provide a library donation for Sanyati Baptist and Lozane Primary Schools.


Ruvheneko Trust desires to supply funds to schools and to equip them with the tools they need to educate children in Zimbabwe.

Currently, Belinda is working with Chiguvare Primary School in Sanyati teaching remedial English to Grade 3 students as well as running a Christian Union and providing pastoral care and assistance to children. The greatest need at Chiguvare is funding over 300 orphans unable to pay school fees. This prevents the children from attending school and receiving a proper education. Ruvheneko Trust will be launching an Orphan School Fees Campaign in late 2010.

Belinda is also pursuing a connection with Sanyati Government High School. Ruvheneko Trust was able to donate new soccer jerseys to the school team in September 2010 with the hopes of opening doors to further work there, possibly including a Christian Union, sports ministry, and providing pastoral care/counseling.

In September 2010 a small team from the UK and United States traveled to Sanyati and spent a week working in Chiguvary Primary School, sharing the Gospel, running a soccer school and assisting in English lessons. They were also able to provide a printer/copier for the school as well as sports equipment for the school.

Read what Belinda says about a typical Primary school in Zimbabwe:

“Chiguvare primary school is located in Sanyati a small town/village. The school has 1500 students from grade 1 to grade 7 and 200 preschool students and 40 teachers. Each grade has 4 classes, i.e. A, B, C and D, as well as hot sitting. Because all the students cannot fit in the classrooms, half of the students wait outside while the other half is taught them they swap. They do this the whole day until school is finished and we call this hot sitting.
The school has so many needs which include the following|:
– Orphan’s school fees and uniforms, there are 300 orphans at the school.
– A good library and books
– Running water for toilets and school agricultural projects.
– Furniture for students and teachers
– Sports equipment
– New buildings”

There are schools around Zimbabwe with similar needs. Children all across the country need supplies, textbooks, sports equipment, and improved facilities in order to give them the best opportunities to learn and pursue an education.