About Us

Who We Are

Belinda Nyabako is the director and founder of Ruvheneko Trust, and a local to Sanyati. Currently, the Trust operates out of her family’s farm in Ward 12 of Sanyati. Belinda has a BSE in Biological Sciences and a certificate in Bible training from Capernwray Bible School. Her vision for RT began during Bible school in the UK , where she felt God’s leading to return home and serve the people in her community. In her spare time, Belinda loves watching episodes of Prison Break or 24, drinking a cool glass of Mazoe (a local Zim beverage), and dreaming about the brownies she ate in the UK.

Sydney Nyabako, Belinda’s father, is a key part of Ruvheneko Trust. An ex-miner turned farmer, Sydney is the brains behind the agriculture projects, the greenhouse, office renovations and general repair work. Commonly referred to as “jack of all trades, master of all,” Sydney has advice for any obstacle the Trust encounters and is often working in the early mornings to complete a project for the Trust. Sydney is a member of the board, and our Projects Manager.

Andy Thomas is a European rep, who lives and works at Capenwray Hall. Andy has faithfully supported the RT project since before its birth, and he currently assists with fundraising, administrative duties, and providing essential advice.  In his spare time, Andy likes to play football, spend time with his wife and four children, organize short-term mission trips throughout Africa, and raise chickens.

Caitie Osborne is an American rep who organizes fundraising, school linking, and keeping Belinda sane. Caitie attended Capernwray Bible School with Belinda, and has been a part of Ruvheneko Trust since the beginning, and visited in September of 2010. Caitie graduated from Portland State University, with a degree in Political Science in 2011. She lives in Portland, OR, and spends her spare time running 10k races and discussing the proper pronunciation of “Nike.”

Sara Eccleston is the other American rep, who oversees the student sponsorship program, newsletters, and financial reports. Sara attended Capernwray Bible School in 2006, and was part of the first team that visited Zimbabwe in 2007 with Andy Thomas. Sara graduated in 2011 from George Fox University with degrees in Political Science and Sociology, and spent the summer of 2011 working in Sanyati with Belinda. In her spare time, Sara likes to argue with Belinda about whether variety really is the “spice of life.”

Board of Trustees

Belinda Nyabako, Director
Moremen Ndawana, Secretary
Sydney Nyabako, Project Manager
Stanford Kwenda, Committee Member

Field Staff
Belinda Nyabako
Sydney Nyabako

International Reps
Sara Eccleston, Student Sponsorship
Catie Osborne, Fundraising
Andy Thomas, Capernwray Advisor

Ruvheneko Trust grew from the dreams of Belinda, a woman from Zimbabwe who in faith decided to begin small-scale projects in her home village and pursue establishing a community development organization without any initial funds or infrastructure. Her work proves that nothing is impossible–within months Belinda had already made huge strides in raising money, beginning projects for children, churches and villages, and getting things in order to register her Trust as an official nonprofit organization. In the first year alone the Trust raised over $5,000, mostly from small-scale individual donations.

Please browse through the different pages of this website to read about past and ongoing projects of the Trust.

Ruvheneko Trust exists to spread the Gospel and serve the disadvantaged in the community of Sanyati, Zimbabwe.

There is so much need in the world, most of which can only be met by those who live and work in the communities they are trying to help. That is why Ruvheneko Trust focuses on local projects where funds are used immediately and effectively to help communities and every project provides an opportunity to share the Gospel. If you’d like to help, please see the “Contact” page above.

About Sanyati
Sanyati is located about four hours away from the capitol city, Harare, in Ward 12. Ward 12 is about 40 km wide and home to more than a thousand families .The people here are primarily subsistence farmers, who grow and sell maize during the rainy season and spend the other seven months of the year growing cotton as a cash crop, herding cattle, working for the cotton companies and growing leaf-vegetables, such as rape.

About Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe (formerly known as Southern Rhodesia) gained independence from the British in 1980. Since that time Robert Mugabe has been the only ruler, first as prime minister and as president since 1987. The Mugabe government’s corruption, especially his chaotic policy of land redistribution, crippled the economy. Before Zimbabwe’s currency was tied to the US Dollar in 2009 the inflation rate was 14.9 billion percent. Violent land reform has badly damaged commerical farming which formerly employed 400,000 jobs. The unemployment rate is now estimated between 80-95% with per capita GDP at less than $100, compared to the United States at $46,000. While Zimbabwe is rich in natural resources—corn, cotton, tobacco, and mining are all traditionally successful industries in Zimbabwe—until government corruption ceases and resources are no longer wasted Zimbabwe will not recover.

About the Director
Our lovely director, Belinda, is the heart behind all our programs and the face for RT . It is her hard work that makes our projects happen, and she often works late into the nights getting it all done. A native of Zimbabwe and resident of Sanyati, she serves as founder and trustee and is in charge of all the “on the ground” work of the Trust. She divides her time between volunteering in a local primary school teaching remedial English, overseeing agricultural income-generating projects for the Trust, organizing community projects, working with youth in the community, and assessing the needs of the community.