Update: Spring 2010

Hello all!

Sorry for being pretty quiet around here the last few months. Since the last update  Belinda has been to Kenya and Uganda, returned to Zimbabwe, and prepared for the next phase of this adventure. You can find her latest letter under the “updates” section, but here is a quick summary of recent developments and, more importantly, prayer requests:

In February-March Belinda was able to travel to Kenya to meet with this year’s Capernwray Kenya Team, see old friends, discuss the next phase of her work and most importantly, experience God at work. Following her time in Kenya she was able to travel to Uganda to meet with a former Capernwray student, Pastor Gabriel and his wife Debbie. Since his return from Capernwray Pastor Gabriel has by God’s power been able to plant a church and build a school, clinic and farm. They also run youth camps in the summer. Belinda’s time with them was really the inspiration behind this next phase: moving back to Sanyati and getting directly involved in the community there with the aim of touching people’s lives for Jesus.

Beginning next week (the first week of May) Belinda returns from Harare to Sanyati to begin teaching in a local primary school and start a Christian club. She will be teaching Bible lessons while helping children with their reading and writing skills. She will also continue to pursue acquiring land as this will be crucial in starting her own youth camps and establishing a community center. This is the long-term goal; for now her primary role is to reestablish herself in the community and build relationships with the people there.

There is also an amazing opportunity to link with a school in England, our first schools linking project.

So that brings us to prayer! Here are some specific things you can be praying for:

*For a strengthened relationship with Capernwray as they decide how best to support Belinda

*For opportunities for Belinda to build relationships in her community

*For the children Belinda interacts with to grow in their understanding of Jesus and all He has done for them

*For the potential link with an English school

*For website development

*For potential future outreach trips to Zim

*For personal strength for Belinda, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically–particularly against discouragement

*For God to refine and further Belinda’s long-term vision and bring people alongside her in her community and around the world

Thank you all! You are dearly loved!


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