Land Progress

A very quick update and prayer request: Belinda has returned to Sanyati and has been spending her time traveling around between her home village and Harare looking for available land. Apparently there IS land available (praise God!) but it’s quite a process to secure that land. Tomorrow (January 29th) Belinda is meeting with 12 counselors of the Sanyati Rural District Council to present her case for land. Because of the political situation in Zim they don’t just give anyone land. Belinda will be explaining to the council what the Trust plans to do and why she chose Sanyati, and since she is from the area she should have an advantage. If they OK her request they will give her permission to function in the district, giving them reports on her activities, and then eventually should allow her to purchase land. It’s complicated, but not impossible (Luke 1:37).

So here is how you can PRAY: for courage and the Lord to speak through her at tomorrow’s meeting. For the council to listen and approve of her work. For the council to support the Trust and allow for the purchase of land. For Belinda to find the RIGHT land that God is preparing in advance for her.

She is also in the process of opening a bank account, details to follow shortly. While waiting on approval for land she is able to purchase a residential stand to set up an office and get established physically in Sanyati. Keep praying, and we will keep you updated! Thanks and love to you all!


1 thought on “Land Progress

  1. Hi Belinda!

    That’s great news!! Congratulations!
    I pray that God will motivate you and encourage you to keep pressing on!
    God will do mighty works in your life.
    I was wondering if there are any opportunities for me to help you other than giving money.
    I basicly want to use this next summer to do some work in missions. I already have some options running but maybe I could help you out in Zimbabwe. I can’t promise anything but could you let me know what kind of work needs to be done so I can see if it’s something for me?



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